2085 Tiger Crane

2085 Tiger Crane

The 2085 Model Tiger Crane is a manually positioned crane rated at 2,000 pounds capacity. This work horse has a manual boom extension from 6 feet to 10 1/2 feet so you can do the lifting where you need it. The 2085 has a stored length of just 81 inches and can be installed just about anywhere that you can supply the winch with 12V DC.

2085TB Tiger Crane

Our 2085TB Model Tiger Crane is an adaptation of our 2085 model with a tall base to put over 45 inches of clearance under it. This crane is perfect for flatbed installation and trailer mounting to assist you with loading and unloading of product.

Standard Features

  • 12 V DC Electric Planetary Winch
  • Manual Rotation and Elevation
  • 0-21-45 degree Elevation
  • 12 ft Corded Remote


  • 36.25″ Tall Base
  • 33ft Tethered Remote Control
  • Anti-two-Block

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