2081E Tiger Crane

2081E Tiger Crane

The 2081E Model Tiger Crane lives up to the term “heavy duty” for a 2,000-pound capacity crane.  Its 8,500 foot-pound rating is the highest on the market, yet it weighs just 425 pounds. Packed with standard features like wireless remote control and 40 feet of winch cable, the 2081E is perfect for pulling pumps from lift stations underground. And with power rotation, elevation, and winch operation it doesn’t get much easier to use.  An optional 30-inch tall base allows you to install it just about anywhere.

Standard Features

  • 12 V DC Electric Planetary Winch
  • 12 V DC Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Wireless Controls
  • -15 to 70 degree Power Elevation
  • 400 degree Power Rotation


  • Tall Base
  • 25ft Tethered Remote Control
  • Anti-two-Block

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