2060 Tiger Crane

2060 Tiger Crane

The 2060 Model Tiger Crane, rated at 2,000 pounds capacity, is designed to handle big loads in a small package. The boom can be stowed when not in use saving valuable space in your truck or van. When stowed, the footprint is only 15″ x 27″. The 2060 is positioned manually, while the winch is operated by 12V D/C using a 12-foot corded remote.  This mighty little crane has a reach of 3 feet to 5 feet.

Standard Features

  • 12 V DC Electric Planetary Winch
  • 12 V DC Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Full Power x 4 Functions
  • 12 ft Corded Remote
  • Anti Two Block


  • Tiger Cranes 2k-4k lbs
  • Gas Air Compressors
  • Rollout Drawers & Bolt Bins
  • LED Interior/Exterior Lighting
  • Bedliner
  • Deck Covers
  • Ladder Racks
  • Welders

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