5032 Tiger Crane

5032 Tiger Crane

The 5032 Model Tiger Crane features 5,000 pounds of lifting capacity and a reach of 21 feet.  This crane provides an extreme amount of lift capacity in a lightweight package at just 1,420 pounds. This full function hydraulic crane also features “Auto II Speed”, which automatically reduces crane speed when a load is detected on the hook giving the operator finite load control. The standard wireless remote control can also be tied into a CAN bus for upload to a customer’s fleet management software.

Standard Features

  • 5,000 lb Lift Capacity
  • 21 ft of Hydraulic Reach
  • 4 Function Hydraulic Power
  • Hex Boom with Low Profile Jib Head
  • Boom Mounted Planetary Winch
  • Wireless Proportional Control with Digital Crane Load Display
  • Auto II Speed


  • LED Boom Tip Light

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