Tiger Cranes

Hydraulic Cranes That Are Built To Last

At Tiger Cranes, we build telescoping stiff boom cranes for mobile and marine applications. Our # 1 priority is to build cranes with industry-leading performance — not just on paper, but in the real world, every time and everywhere. Each Tiger Crane is designed and thoroughly tested to provide full rated lifting capacity with a full cable drum and at a usable reach. Tiger Cranes hydraulic lift and extension cylinders are sized to not only hold full loads but to boom them as well.

Tiger Cranes have been time proven reliable from the coal mines of China and the tar sands of northern Canada, to the jungles of South America. Experience Tiger Strong – Unleash the Power.

Typical Tiger Crane Applications

  • Service & Mechanics Trucks
  • Barges / Boats / Docks
  • Stationary Lifting Platform/Structures
  • Railroad Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Off-Road Utility Vehicles

Standard Features – All Models

  • Powder coated finish
  • Slew ring bearing rotation assemblies
  • Boom mounted winches for constant jib to block length and easier cable stowing
  • Sealed turrets to eliminate water entry into the crane tower – no drip pans
  • Sealed electrical connections
  • Low Profile Jib Head – no flip sheave necessary
  • Extended boom length labeled on booms
  • Planetary winches for fast line speed and lifting efficiency
  • Greater than 2,000 lbs. meet ANSI/ASME B30.5 (2018), OSHA 1910.180

Hydraulic Powered Features

  • Wireless four-function proportional controls with digital crane load display
  • Remote engine start/stop, idle and option control
  • Quick release load block hook
  • 400º rotation with double reduction drive system
  • Auto II Speed Control – automatically reduces maximum speed with load but retains full proportional resolution for unparalleled load control
  • Sequenced Extension Cylinders (29 ft+) – booms will always extend and retract in the same sequence and speed for consistent operation and length determination
  • Notification horn
  • Boom tip light

Electric Powered Features

  • 12V DC winch and 12V DC hydraulic power unit
  • 400º rotation with reduction drive system
  • Quick release load block hook
  • Wireless remote for functionality and freedom
  • Independent winch and hydraulic motors for increased duty cycle

Crane Models

We design and build a wide variety of cranes.  View the Tiger Cranes Product Catalog and compare model specifications for full hydraulic cranes and electric hydraulic cranes. Tiger Cranes is also interested in custom applications and new market opportunities. Please contact us for your specific application.

If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-225-8789.

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